Monday, April 9, 2012

Compound Balanced Weaves: Ideal for Smaller Components

In the case of an industrial process like the metal working of small components, a lot of hard work and man-hours can go to waste if the right conveyor belt isn’t used. Think of the size of many of the nuts, bolts, and screws that go into assembling whatever application you ultimately intend. Think of the dimensions that each of these applications takes up – oftentimes close to nothing, right? To insure this problem of “component leakage” never occurs, we fortunately have the compound balanced weave.

Named so on account of its compactness, these particular types of balanced weaves consist of a seamless, ”compounded” series of left-hand and right-hand spirals. Generally fabricated from much the same materials as are common balanced weaves, these meshes have an interlocked firmness to them that is a distant cousin of medieval chain mail. The sheer accumulation of mesh-links allows for the mesh belt to sustain considerably heavier loads than can the lighter, more interspersed “common” balanced weave. At Furnace Belt, our own compound balanced weaves can be built to endure a hefty 8.14 lb/ft², making them ideal for bearing small metal components of considerable mass.

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