Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little about the Work We Do with Balanced Weaves

One of the driving-force mainstays behind American food processing is the balanced weave conveyor belt. The weave’s superior tensile strength allows whatever is placed upon it to remain firmly in place, without getting stuck or otherwise disturbed in the conveyance. Furthermore, the material from which it is made (most usually high carbon steel, galvanized materials, 304 stainless steel, 314 stainless steel, or 316 stainless steel) has an incredibly high heat resistance. Finally, the sheer diversity of its possible mesh designs allows it to comport with any number of different sized and shaped items on its total surface. The most common mesh of conveyor belt in the world, it is ideal for use in baking, food transfer, food packaging, as well as usable in glass-work, ceramic firing, and metal fabrication.

At Furnace Belt, we have made it our business to manufacture and sell balanced weave furnace belts for many years now. Being one of our staple products, we offer balanced weaves in a considerable number of varieties, weights, cross sections, wire gauges, and wire diameters. For more about our handiwork, come and check out our website page devoted exclusively to balanced weave furnace belts.

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