Monday, April 23, 2012

Rod Reinforcement Weave: for When the Conveyance Gets Tough

One of our customers at Furnace Belt runs a business that – in part – involves the manufacturing of air brakes for semi-trucks. Beyond that critical component of what they do, they also are in the business of shredding old rubber tires, recycling the heated, re-treated rubber for any number of uses. Needless to say, the business of shredding tires and melting them down into other applications is a terrifically heat-intensive process. In order for such a process to be conducted in an orderly, automated fashion, conveyor belt mesh is needed that will be extremely resistant to searing levels of temperature, as well as providing a durable, tensile means of holding down the parts as they become recycled.

To that end, rod reinforcement mesh weaves allow for companies like our own client to incorporate industrial-strength heat resistance into the material that forms their conveyor lines. Designed by using single directional spirals (much like those in a chain-link fence, though usually more tightly interwoven), each “line” of mesh is then reinforced by a single rod that runs through its entire width. This rod gives the mesh an ability to bear considerable loads, in addition to insuring that the mesh material doesn’t expand beyond usefulness during the extreme heating process. Perfect for any number of high temperature industrial applications, the rod-reinforced weaves we make at Furnace Belt continue to supply American manufacturing with a sturdy, efficient means to an end.

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