Monday, November 12, 2012

The Promising Future of Indian Food Processing

Furnace Belt is considered a world leader in the manufacture of woven metal conveyor belting, so it should come as no surprise that we are quite interested and involved in the burgeoning Indian food processing industry. Over the past few years, the Indian food processing industry has taken off like a rocket, which in turn has created a nearly insatiable demand for cutting edge technology and machinery.  

According to a report from the influential Technology Exports Development Organization (TEDO), the Government of India has given commercializing agriculture and developing food processing high priority in developing India’s economy. Unfortunately, the report also points out that the agro-food processing equipment sector is lagging behind other developed countries. This technological discrepancy stymies the food processing industry, since modern equipment like the conveyor belts we make at Furnace Belt aren’t available for small to mid-sized Indian companies.

The products we make at Furnace Belt allow for produce and meats to reach the market place with consistent level of quality, as well as being free of potentially hazardous bacteria.  The only way to truly grow the industry is to methodically upgrade the equipment and infrastructure so that the people of India trust that their food supply is wholesome and without blemish. The government has set a goal to triple the size of the industry by 2014-15. An Indian academic, V Gokul Das, MD summarizes as such: “Future prospects for the industry are pretty bright. It is a growing sector as there is mass movement from villages to cities and there are new products that are being launched for the food and beverage sector.”

For everyone at Furnace Belt this is an exciting time. We look forward to introducing even more of our conveyor belting to India’s new and seismically growing food and beverage processing industry. 


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