Monday, November 26, 2012

Furnishing North America and the World with Conveyor Belts

Being that we’re already a transnational company with offices both in Ontario and Upstate New York, it shouldn't come as any surprise that Furnace Belt does a fair share of its business internationally. A good 10% of our total annual revenue on average comes not only from neighboring North American countries like Mexico, but also nations farther afield: places like Australia, South Africa, Turkey, and throughout the Middle East. All of these countries have sizable food processing and manufacturing industries (indeed some of them gargantuan), and all of them require conveyor belt meshes that let their production processes run smoothly and competitively. Since North America has a long legacy of providing quality industrial products, it only makes sense that other nations would reach out to places like Furnace Belt to furbish their production lines with the best technology money can buy.

For instance, Australia and South Africa have an abundance of mines dispersed across their territory. Australian copper and South African diamonds are, after all, practically household names in the global market. That being said, these countries rely upon a constant supply of industrial conveyor belts to extract the riches from beneath their soil. World-famous conglomerates in both of these countries would never be what they are without the necessary means of extraction engineering.

That’s what we’re here to do at Furnace Belt. As part of the North American manufacturing network that runs roughly from Chicago to north of Toronto, we make it our business to insure that other developing countries get the equipment they need to continue to grow their nascent economies. Global prosperity is a prospect we champion and relish the thought of. If you’re a customer in another country who wants durable, precision conveyor belt meshing for any type of industry, we’re always ready to hear from you via email or telephone. Let us know today!


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