Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Frozen Foods and Furnace Belt: A Perfect Match

Since their invention in 1924, frozen foods have fed the harried men, women, and children of America—they offer an unbeatable combination of freshness and expedience. In fact, some experts believe that frozen vegetables are more nutrient-rich than raw.

Because of their popularity, the American frozen food industry earns $28 billion in revenue a year and employees more than 90,000 workers. As one might imagine, an industry this massive in size and importance, demands the most innovative equipment to operate at peak performance—and this is where Furnace Belt fits in.

We recently discussed our work in the food processing industry, but this month (maybe because the cold weather is a reminder) we wanted to talk specifically about frozen foods. At Furnace Belt, we do not freeze the food you find in your supermarket—but we do make the process possible. We supply the wire mesh beltings that are perfect for low temperature conveying that is at the heart of the frozen food processing industry. Both our round and flat wire beltings come in a wide variety of weaves, sizes, and metals.

In addition to our outstanding selection, Furnace Belt offers something more: outstanding customer service. The experts at Furnace Belt have worked closely with the biggest names in the frozen food industry since our company’s inception, so we will never allow you to buy a product that does not perfectly fit your needs.

If you need the perfect conveyor belt solution for your frozen food business, then don’t waste time and money—contact an expert at Furnace Belt today. 

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