Monday, July 9, 2012

Our Cold-Resistant Meshes: the Perfect Match for the Flash Freeze Industry

Essentially, flash freezing is a technique that’s used in a variety of packaged foods – anything from fresh meat, to fresh fruit, to frozen dinners. The process involved is easily explained: by freezing packaged foods at temperatures well below zero, and by doing so quickly, one can virtually eliminate any trace of ice crystals or bits of frost that might otherwise interfere with the flavor (and even sanitation) of the food being frozen. The reason that there’s no frost involved is due to the speed at which a flash frozen package gets chilled: the process is so rapid that any residue water never has a chance to congeal within the package. In a global market where people in either hemisphere want instant access to the same seasonal produce year-round, the benefits of the technique are self-evident in the huge profits tallied each year by the industry.

Since flash freezing requires mass production (and  thereby recommends itself to conveyor belts), there’s a need to be sure that the type of conveyor belt mesh you use can withstand the extreme cold temperatures involved in the process. That’s where our Furnace Belt meshes come into play. While our 304 stainless steel and carbon steel meshes are best known for standing up to intense heat, the same goes for their operability in harsh, sub-zero conditions. Our meshes won’t tarnish, fray, or break under the conditions to which they’re exposed to: they’ll just keep on keeping on, making sure that the flash freezing process is seamless, and production flow remains at a constant.

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