Monday, August 8, 2011

How To Avoid Difficulties Arising From Excessive Belt Stretching

Excessive belt stretching is a common occurrence in most rapid thermal processing operations. The intense heat can often cause a belt to stretch and distort. Though some stretching is normal over time, excessive stretching can be quite problematic, forcing businesses to pay for costly repair work.

Furnace Belt can perform all necessary refurbishing on excessively stretched belts. However, there are preventative measures that can help business owners avoid some of these costly repairs. For example, many clients do not choose the appropriate belting solution for their unique job requirements. Selecting the right type of belting for your application can go a long way in avoiding future difficulties. First, find out how much product weight you would be loading onto your belt at one time. You may want to get a heavier gauge wire for carrying weightier parts. Secondly, make sure to pick the right belting material for your project. Specific materials may be required for varying temperature ranges.

Furnace Belt supplies a wide variety of metal mesh belting solutions that can be used for most high-temperature conveying operations. We possess a team of conveyor belt professionals who are happy to help you select the right materials and belt styles for your project. With this valuable support, we can guarantee better product efficiency and help you save precious production time and money over the lifetime of your conveyor. Please contact us with all your metal mesh belting questions and concerns.

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